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F T-Shirt & Camis-Danger is Here Live to Kill Tshirt-Medium $10.00 USD Live to Kill Tshirt-XL $10.00 USD Live to Kill Womens Cami-Small $10.00 USD Live to Kill Womens Cami-Large $10.00 USD
F T-Shirt & Camis-Danger is Here The Danger is Here Tshirt-Medium $10.00 USD The Danger is Here Tshirt-XL $10.00 USD The Danger is Here Womens Cami-Small $10.00 USD The Danger is Here Womens Cami-Large $10.00 USD

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 F releases are now available on Bandcamp, Amazon and Itunes. You can download" Live to Kill","The Danger is Here", "@@#$!"and "Raw Bones" from the F Bandcamp page.     https://fofficialpage.bandcamp.com

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F Buttons & Stickers F Raw Bones Button $1.00 USD F Raw Bones Sticker $1.00 USD
F CDs,Vinyl & Cassette Live to Kill CD $8.00 USD @#$! CD $8.00 USD Raw Bones CD $8.00 USD

The long lost F album "Diabolical" from 1995  is finally being released in May 2018.


F - "Diabolical"-CD

Song Listing:

1)  Diabolical

2)  You're My Thalidomide (Baby)

3) Mr. Money

4) Blisters

5) 411 Gun Highway

6) Amputee Love

7) I  Have No Mouth (And I Must Scream)

8) Marionette

9) Vehicle

10) Enemy

"Live To Kill"   - 12 inch Vinyl, CD or Cassette    


Song  Listing:
1) Nobody
2) Revengemania
3) I Love Your Face "I Hate Your Guts!"
4) Raw Bones
5) The Shit
6) I Wanna Live "Till I Die"
7) Raw Bones lll
8) Against The World
9) Friction Addiction
10) The End of Me!

F "@#$!" - CD
Song Listing:
1) Crackin' Skulls
2) Nowhere
3) Violence 
4) Pain Vain
5) Stabback
6) I Wanna Kill 
7) Life Sucks
8) My Little Hell
9) We Are The Hate
10) Smash It!

Song Listing:
1) Coming Two
2) Dementia 13
3) No!
4) I Saw Your Vision ( In a Three Car Collision)
5) How I Die
6) Such Men Are Dangerous
7) Spit It Out
8) Torture
9) Destroy!

T-shirts available in Black w/ " Live to Kill" & " Danger is here" Designs. Choose either design in T shirt or Girl's tank top.